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Bridget's Priorities

Fully Fund Public Education

As a mom, an active member of the Walnut Hills Elementary PTO, and employee of the West Des Moines School district, Bridget knows how important our public schools are to the success of every student. Iowa public schools are some of our most important resources and we need to work to make a priority in the Stae House. We need to be supporting our teachers and schools so they can put our students first.

Affordable Housing

With her background in Urban Planning, Bridget understands the importance of affordable housing in a community. The quality and variety of its housing stock is vital to long-term viability in Iowa's communities. As Urbandale’s population continues to grow, we must, as a community, work to ensure that we are providing housing opportunities that meet the needs of all of our citizens. This ranges from supporting the development of affordable multifamily housing to assisting with rehabilitating of existing housing stock to pursuing senior housing opportunities.

Invest in Infrastructure

As Iowa enters a new decade, updating aging infrastructure will continue to be a priority, as it is nationwide. Sustainable infrastructure development is key to the growth of Iowa, especially in communities like House District 46. Stormwater management and flood mitigation are issues that need to be addressed regionally in cooperation with surrounding communities, especially in the face of climate change which will likely exacerbate these threats.

Pro Choice

As a mom, Bridget wants to make sure her daughters had the same rights that she did when she was growing up. Our extremist legislature is gearing up to take those rights away in the wake of the recent Supreme Court decision, and she will stand against them with everything she’s got. Bridget will make sure that reproductive freedom is protected across the state and no law is made that strips away bodily autonomy.

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